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Wireless Remote Annunciator Panels

Remote annunciator panels are essentially an interface for you to monitor gas sensors, alarm status, and more. PemTech's remote annunciators are wireless for easy, portable monitoring. They also come with a full color touch screen!

Key Advantages

  • No cable connection to main controller or wireless controller
  • Simply install in office or control room and apply power.
  • Comprehensive data display on color graphic screen.
  • No cables to disconnect or re-connect during Rig-up and Rig-Down
  • Reduces manpower cost on installation and during rig move.

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Key Features

  • Utilizes low power wireless technology
  • Interfaces to fixed Gas Controller and wireless detector network
  • Assembles all data and displays on color touch screen
  • Continuous sensor readings, Faults and alarm status
  • Reset or Bypass Alarms from central mimic panel
  • Complete Alarm function test form the mimic panel
  • Conduct H2S Drill from simple touch screen interface

Connecting Fixed and Wireless System for Centralized Monitoring

  • Using Wireless Gateway for communication interface
  • Avoid expensive communication cable cost
  • Reduce time and labor to dismantle during Rig-Up and Rig -Down
  • Complete data view including live gas readings, alarm conditions and diagnostic data
  • Alarm Test for routine function test and for H2S Drill