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Fixed Gas Monitors & Controllers

PemTech is a leading provider of reliable and effective toxic gas detectors & combustible gas sensors for hazardous environments. Equipped with the most current microprocessor technology, our toxic Gas Detectors and gas controllers are available in convenient wall and rack mount styles. Our 4, 8, and 8 to 16 channel multi-channel gas sensors, along with our 6, 12, and 8 to 16 channel single channel modular gas controllers are accurate, dependable, and easy to program and read.

Our multi-channel gas monitors and controllers have the capability to detect numerous toxic and combustible gases, whereas our single channel gas controllers and monitors use today’s best technology to deliver consistent and accurate results – for up to 16 channels of gas detection. We also offer a remote I/O module, which is an addressable 4 channel analog input module with 3 outputs. Lastly, our annunciator panels can be used in both safe and hazardous environments, collecting data from main control monitors and modules in toxic and combustible gas sensing and monitoring systems.