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Wireless Gas Detectors & Monitors

Pem-Tech’s cutting-edge wireless gas detection systems are designed for continuous monitoring of toxic and combustible gases in the air. No complicated system configuration is needed. Simply assign a unique address to the remote sensor and you are done. The gas detector will collect all the necessary data information from the sensor including the target gas type. There is onboard historical data logging available as well as RS485 MODBUS RTU communication for PLC and DCS systems. Not to mention, easy connectivity to remote relay module for audio and visual alarms or Emergency Shut Downs (ESD).

We offer 3 wireless gas detection systems, the first being the wireless gateway that has the ability to interact with up to 64 wireless gas sensors and doesn’t require any programming or setup. The second is the wireless monitor that is able to display sensor gas readings and sensor calibrations, with real-time data logging available. Third, is our wireless sensor does not have a sleep mode – meaning that it is active all of the time so that the LCD is constantly displaying the gas level.

Wireless Gas Detection Benefits

  • Reduced Installation cost. No more expensive cables and underground cable conduits.
  • No trouble shooting for the cables.
  • No damage to the main controller in the event of lightning and storms
  • Easily add more sensors in the existing wireless network
  • No complicated system configurations.