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PemTech offers world-class quality and unparalleled customer service for a full range of Toxic Gas Detectors, LEL Combustible Gas Sensors, Multi-Channel Gas Monitors and Process Gas Analyzers.

  Gas Detection Systems Data Sheets

Fixed Sensors

PT295 Series Gas Detector

PT395 Series Gas Detector

Ultra1000 Series Gas Detector

Monitors & Controllers

PT900 Series Modular Control Monitor

PT500 & PT2008 Multi Channel Controllers

Wireless Gas Detection

Wireless Gas Detectors

Wireless Monitor and Controller

Wireless Remote Annunciator Wireless Gateway and Repeaters & Dual Channel Wireless Transmitter Wireless Alarm Station

Gas Analyzers

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Dual Gas Analyzer (H2S & CO2)

Alarm Stations

Class I, Division 1- Explosion Proof Class I, Division 2 - Hazardous Locations

Product Operator's Manuals